A Poem for My Brother…Who is Always Wrong… Always…

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My brother, as I am sure is the case with most – if not all brothers – is a complete and utter piss taker, who loves nothing more than to wind me up and make fun of me. One of the things that he enjoys the most, is telling me that I am not a real poet, and I do not write poetry because poems HAVE to rhyme, and mine do not. I have told him so many times that although there are certain rules and structures for certain types of poems, not all poetry rhymes. He has non of it, and is still insistent that poetry must rhyme. This is my response which I wrote especially for my little bro. Incidently it is the only one of my poems which he acknowledges as a “real poem”.


A Poem for My Brother… Who is Always Wrong… Always…

A poem has to rhyme
My brother Steven said;
I told him there and then
To get that notion out his head!

A poem doesn’t always have to rhyme;
That is not always the way
But he just kept on arguing,
He wouldn’t let me have my say.

You can’t call yourself a poet
If your words do not rhyme;
I learned this at school,
The teacher told me all the time!

I would tell you what my response was,
But my language just got worse;
I prefer my poetry to have
No rhyme in its verse!

So, I am sorry brother dear,
But I am afraid that it is true
When it comes to poetry,
You simply have no clue!


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