10 day you challenge (last day): day 10 – 1 picture

10 day you challenge, one picture


So this is it. we have (finally) come to the end of my 10 day challenge. I know it has stretched out over more days and most of them I have posted tonight, but I did do the challenge on my personal Facebook account first and I did kinda stick to the every day posting on there. I do apologise for my inconsistency on this blog though, it really couldn’t be helped as I have been busy with work and the past few days I have had the migraine from hell so I’ve pretty much just been asleep the whole time.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my challenge and that you have got to know me a bit better. I hope that you didn’t find me to be too weird or annoying! I have really enjoyed taking part. I feel as if I have learned new things about myself – or should I say re-discovered and re-established things about myself that have been there all along but somehow got left behind along the way. I feel that doing this has helped me to see more clearly and helped me to focus on some of my life goals. I know where I want to be and I just need to put in that hard work to get myself there.

Any ways enough babbling…. This ladies and gentlemen is my one picture…


I have literally a million photographs that I could have chosen. Some that mean quite a lot to me. Photos of friends and family, of fun times out; and of people and animals who are no longer here but will remain in my heart forever. Some photos I refuse to post because although they remind me of good times, I look like absolute shite in them and some are just way to personal for me to share. This photograph however, is one of my favourites. It is of my daughter and my partner a year ago. I have to just point out that my partner isn’t my daughters dad but one of the reasons I love this picture is that for a split second I captured a father / daughter moment between them that proves that you don’t have to be blood related to be family. These two people are my absolute world and I will forever be grateful to my partner for taking on my little girl and loving her and treating her like she is one of his own children.  He is truly a wonderful man and my daughter and I adore him. Another reason that I love this picture is just how happy my daughter is. I love her happy smiling face. I love that with these two (and my two step-sons) I finally have the happy family I always wished for.