30 day writing challenge – day 9 – The future.

30 day writing challenge, The Future

This one is quite similar to day 2. I wrote in that post of my aims for the future for my relationship, career and personal life, and I hope that these will happen in my (near) future. I know I talk about being happy quite a lot, but it is something that is really important to me. I hope that my future holds a lot of happiness for me and my loved ones. I have had some hard times – especially recently – and I hope that better times will come soon. If I become a successful writer and can spend the rest of my life happily married to David (possibly with one more bambino) then that would be perfect for me. The only other thing that I could possibly hope for is for my children to grow up knowing how much I love them and how hard I tried to give them a perfect life. If when they are adults they can honestly say without hesitation that I gave them a good chance in life and they consider me to be a good mother then that will be all I could ever hope for.