30 day writing challenge – day 22 – How have I changed?

30 day writing challenge

wow… well, in my opinion I have changed a hell of a lot in the past 2 years – even in the past year alone I have changed immensely! First of all the biggest change is that I am now a mother of 2. Instead of having just one gorgeous girl I now have two! (God help me!) I have in the past year lost 2.5 stone. I lost a stone before falling pregnant, gained exactly a stone whilst pregnant (which was just baby weight so had gone by the time I was released from hospital) and then lost a further 1.5 stone from February until now. I feel that this, along with having a good, loving and supportive partner has helped me become a happier more confident person. I think I have grown up a lot in the past 2 years as well. I am still an immature, crazy, weirdo but I am more focused on what is important and sometimes acting like a real adult (yey… only took nearly 29 years!). I am more focused on achieving my goals and have worked hard to get to where I am. I am starting to establish myself as a professional writer and hopefully that will start earning me some positive recognition.(earning me some positive amounts of money would be awesome too as the one thing that hasn’t changed is my financial situation… I am still incredibly poor *cries*)