30 day writing challenge – day 30 – highs and lows

30 day writing challenge

It has been a rather emotional month for me with quite a few highs and lows. Some of the highs were celebrating my mom and nephews birthdays as well as a week long celebration for my partner David’s 30th birthday, having my story ‘The River’ published in ‘Short Stories and Tall Tales’ – an anthology of short stories by ATLA Publishing; finding out that I will have poems featured in their poetry anthology and also the possibility of having some of my art work being used to illustrate the book too!

The lows have been pretty damn  bad. I have struggled with the loss of my Grandad (yes, I know I keep going on about it but it is a big deal to me) and I miss him more with every day that passes. I also found out something very devastating a couple of weeks ago which was the reason I didn’t finish typing up the last of my 30 day writing challenge days. I don’t want to share that over the internet as it is too personal but it has left me feeling mentally and emotionally destroyed right now.

Over all I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge and I hope you have all enjoyed reading more about me. I am not a very interesting person but if my posts have been at the very least entertaining for people to read then all is good 😀 I look forward to doing more of these challenges and will look out for more exciting ones. Thank you as always to those of you who follow my blog and/or read my posts. You guys are amazing and I really appreciate your support ^_^ ❤



This is ‘Short Stories and Tall Tales’ which features my story ‘The River’. All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to British Heart Foundation (The charity I chose in memory of my Grandad) so please, if you are thinking of purchasing a new book, consider buying this one and supporting not only up and coming authors but also a very worthy cause!


R.I.P Grandad – I hope I’ve made you proud!


30 day writing challenge – day 17 – highs and lows.

30 day writing challenge

I already wrote a blog that pretty much says the same as what this one will say.  This year has been one of the best and also the worst year of my life. My heart was broken when my granddad passed away  in January but my silver lining was the birth of my beautiful baby girl in February. Seen as though I have already covered this one in my earlier post, and, if I start writing about my granddad again I will probably end up in tears again and I am way too tired for that, here are some pictures of one of the most amazing men I will ever have the privilege of knowing – my granddad John William Cooper A.K.A Jack; and my beautiful bambino.