30 day writing challenge – day 13 – Places to move to /visit

30 day writing challenge

There are soooo many places!

  • I would love to visit or move to Ireland. I have always loved the Irish accent which was the main reason for me wanting to go there, but then I watched and fell in love with the film P.S I Love You (I watched the film before reading the book) and ever since then I have said that one day I WILL definitely go to Ireland.


  • I don’t think I would want to move there (it is too far away from family and friends), but Japan is a country that I would most definitely like to visit at some point in my life. I love Japanese culture so it would be great to experience it first. Also Hello Kitty Factory!


  • America is somewhere else that I would like to go to but not necessarily to live. I think that I would most like to visit Seattle, Miami, New York and California.


  • Places that I have visited many times and which I would love to live in would be LLandudno in Wales and Caister on Sea in Great Yarmouth as they are both absolutely beautiful sea side towns. Caister is the favourite out of the two because the weather there can get as hot as in countries such as Spain.

10 day you challenge: Day 5 – 6 places

10 day you challenge

Day 5: 6 places

Ok.. I don’t know if this is meant to be places I want to go or places I love so I will do a mixture.

1. Bed. I love my bed haha! I love reading in bed, having cuddle time talking to my daughter in bed, having snuggly, sleepy times with my partner in bed, and, of course, my favourite bedtime activity….sleeping!

2. Ireland… I really want to go to Ireland! Irish accents are the best!

3. Paris. I have been there twice and I love it there. I would definitely go back if I got the chance.

4. Japan. I would love to go to Japan and experience their culture and see the beauty of the country. Also… hello kitty factory!

5. Amsterdam… obviously for all the art, culture and tulips *cough, cough* deffo not for the green cafes! I especially want to go now that I have read the fault in our stars 

6. Disney world. I would love to take my daughter to Disney world, it would be a dream come true for her and I want to make that dream a reality.